Greece Around is a worldwide search engine and a promoter of greek products and businesses. We started our action in October 2016 in Netherlands where the greek businessmen honoured us with their trust.

Greeks living abroad

Our primary goal is to unite the Greek people working in the field of gastronomy and to promote their business with the most modern advertising media such as video, photography and social networking. Through educative actions full of new ideas, our vision is to create a renewed and consistent image of greek businesses and greek cuisine in its whole.

Greeks living in Greece

At the same time our mission is to educate and promote - through GreeceAround - the Greek businessmen and producers who are active in the country and want to export their products. Finally, our vision is to help create more vertically integrated units with greater export growth potential.

The power of a

network within the internet


From a small village in England with only 10 Greek inhabitants, to Melbourne of Australia that counts more than 400.000, the Greeks living abroad are traditionally active in the field of gastronomy. Having two common points of reference, their country and their profession, they take good care of keeping the greek network alive.


But what happens when we bring a network into the internet? Take for example the Harvard University network of students who entered the internet and created the well-known Facebook. Greece Around, of course, is not one of the many social media networks, but uses them in order to have a huge dynamic that consists of thousandsgreek businesses around the world and millions of Greeks who work in these businesses. Combined with the world-known Greek-Mediterranean cuisine and the high quality Greek products, Greece Around’s role is to bring together the Greek network and the internet and to promotethe action of the Greeks around the worldwith the best possible way.


Because of our experience in the advertisement field of work, a vast number of businesses abroad trust us for the promotion of their business throughout the world wide web! The efficiency and methodicalness of our work, is proved by the thousands of people that the Greece Around channel advertisements attract. Greece Around is a loyal partner to businesses for it ensures a plethora of services that cover all of their needs.

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Greece Around’s team consists of experienced people equiped with a contemporary view in matters of technology and advertisement. Covering a wide range of services, we provide to the collaborating businesses everything they need in order to reach the highest promotional and marketing level. Our services main aim is extroversion of the Greek businesses!

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Greek businesses

If you own a business in Greece and you want to start or strengthen your export activity, GreeceAround gives you the opportunity to promote your products with the most modern and effective advertising media.

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Greek businesses


If you have a greek business abroad, GreeceAround gives you the opportunity to acquire high-level advertising material (video, food-photos, GIF) and display it targeted (in your area) on the latest social media networks (Facebook, Instagram) through GreeceAround.

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Chef Consulting

Greece Around presents you its new service, chef consulting. With this innovative step forward, Greece Around combines its forces with renowned chefs in order to revitalise the menus of Greek restaurants. We explore the new avenues of fine dining while maintaining the traditions that we so respect. Chef consulting is here to take Greek gastronomy to a higher level!

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Staffing service

for Greek restaurants

Greece Around in partnership with one of the biggest job search websites in Greece, Ergazomenos.gr, after considering your needs have created a new service: “Finding staff for Greek restaurants abroad”

How to participate


One of the basic goals of this application, is to facilitate entrepreneurs who collaborate with Greece Around to concentrate and organise their reservations, staff program and product orders in a simplified way.

At the same time, it is a multi-tool for greek food import companies, both for the organisation of their orders and for the direct contact with their customers.



The most rewarding time for a creator is the recognition of his or her work.

Below you can read some of our customer’s comments.


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